Virginia Archives Month – call for images

Each year, the Virginia Archives Month committee asks archival institutions around the state to contribute images for a poster to celebrate Archives Month in October. Below is the call for images.

2014 Virginia Archives Month poster

2014 Virginia Archives Month poster

Archival Treasures — Find Your Hidden Gem

Who can resist the idea of a treasure hunt? The anticipation of finding something rare and valuable can make a person giddy with excitement. As archivists, when we take our first peek at a new collection we become just as excited as a treasure hunter at the prospect of what we might discover. This year for Virginia Archives Month let’s share some of the exciting and unusual items from our collections. Every archives has a document or image that is unique, rare, or captures the imagination. It doesn’t have to be the thing or things for which your institution is best known. You may choose something that you find unique and interesting which is not often highlighted.

With this theme we want to capture a bit of the thrill and wonder that comes from finding something you never expected, or perhaps from finding exactly what you wanted! Hopefully we can inspire our patrons to come find their own gem waiting in the archives.

Submit images to:
Deadline: 5:00 pm, July 31
Image specifications: 300 pixel per inch (ppi) at 100%

All submissions will be added to the Virginia Archives Month Flickr account unless you ask us not to share it. You may submit more than one image. If multiple images from one institution are submitted, the committee will select which one will appear on the poster.

If you have any questions please contact Margaret Kidd (

Your 2015 Virginia Archives Month Committee,

Margaret Kidd, Virginia Caucus Representative
Sherri Bagley
Elizabeth E. Beckman
Vince Brooks
Dan Cavanaugh
Carl Childs
Suzanne Gould
Cara Griggs
Jessica E.Johnson
Marianne Martin
Jennifer McDaid
Paige Newman
Laura Stoner
Robert Vejnar

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