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Virginia Heritage EAD Documentation

Need assistance with technology issues? Contact the chair of the Technology Team, Kira Dietz with your questions!

EAD Tutorials

This series of four screencasts instruct users on creating EAD finding aids using NoteTab Light and the clip library. Questions? Contact

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Technical Notes

  • Administrative site to upload, download, and validate an EAD file to Virginia Heritage (password required)
  • Virginia Heritage best practice guidelines
  • Virginia Heritage statistics dashboard
    • The Virginia Heritage dashboard is behind the member login. Login as if you were going to upload a file. There is a link to the far right called “Dashboard.” This will take you to the dashboard for your organization.
    • Contact Kira Dietz if you have any questions or issues.
    • Also, please be patient, as the dashboard can be slow to update when you change the parameters.

Technical FAQs

  • How do I create EAD files for Virginia Heritage?
    • You can create them manually
    • You can use the clip library (see also screencasts for using the clip library)
    • You can use ArchivesSpace (which can be automatically harvested–contact Kira Dietz if you want to get set up!)
    • You can use the DACS-compliant form (you fill in the mandatory and any optional fields you choose and we will return an XML file to you!)
  • How do I upload files to Virginia Heritage?
    • Go to
    • Click on “Upload, download, and validate an EAD file to Virginia Heritage (password required)”
    • Enter your username and password
    • Click on “choose file”
    • Locate the file (you can only upload one file at a time!)
    • Click “upload” (you should not change the schema type unless you are working with EAD3)
    • The system will attempt to validate your file. 
      • If you get a green box with a link to your finding aid, you’re all set!
      • If you get a yellow box with a message and a link to your finding aid, there are things you may want to change in your code, but the file is considered valid.
      • If you get a red box, there will be an error message (or messages) and no link. If you can’t figure out how to fix the file or don’t understand the message, please copy the message or take a screenshot and contact the chair of the Technology Team, Kira Dietz.
  • How do I update files in Virginia Heritage?
    • You can override a file in the database by uploading a new version with the same identifier (Marc code + number, exs. viblbv01986 or vi00399)
    • Updated files can immediately be accessed using the link directly, but this system re-indexes at night, so any new changes will not be found in a database search until the following day.
  • How do I delete a file from Virginia Heritage?
    • At this time, you cannot delete a file yourself. If you need something permanently removed, please provide the identifier(s) for anything you need deleted to Steve Majewski. He can remove them.
    • Updated files will disappear from the database when they are removed, but the system reindexes at night, so they may appear in search results for up to 24 hours.
  • How do I see a list of all my organization’s EAD files?

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Interested in joining?

  • How can my organization become a contributor to Virginia Heritage?
  • What is my organization’s MARC code?
  • What’s my organization’s username and password?
    • If you don’t have your organization’s username and password to upload finding aids, contact Steve Majewski. He can help you get or reset your password.

Membership is free to libraries, museums, colleges, universities, and other cultural institutions that have archival holdings they wish to share.

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